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Conditions and procedures for properly handling a certificate of residence

For those of you who live in an area but come from outside, you must of course have a certificate  of residence. A residency letter is certainly one of those document files that are needed for various purposes. For those who want to take care of banking, of course, you need to prepare  this file.

In general, this information document is certainly one of the requirements in all types of banking. For those who currently live in the Jakarta area, but do not have an ID card or residence from other regions, it is mandatory to have this  information document.

Ownership of this domicile document  is  really mandatory because it is directly regulated by laws and regulations.   This file is needed as a complementary process to the administration in certain matters. Without this letter, the whistleblower may face some obstacles and problems in several cases in administrative cases.

In addition to being needed in banking matters, a residence certificate  is  also very useful for taking care of several issues such as marriage documents, job applications, to children’s school registration. Of these various benefits, have you had  this important document?. For those who have not done this, then it is important to take care of it.

Various advantages of a residence certificate

A residence letter is  an  important file issued  by an authorized official as written proof that the immigrant or registrant has reported and already has a residence of permanent status. In society,  this file is  widely known under the abbreviation SKD.

As explained above, there are many uses for this SKD. Not only used in banking matters,   a residence certificate  is also needed by a company as the main requirement for tax and license management documents. You will also need  this file when applying for a job at the company.

At the same time, the benefits of ownership of SKD for people who do not have id cards can also be in the form of information data to provide mapping of the area with the most migrants. In this case, the informationabout the  distribution of these migrants can influence the policies of the areas that are registered.

For the Jakarta area, for example, it may of course be known whether the majority of the capital’s population comes from immigrant communities. Due to the information data that has been collected from the SKD document, the Jakarta area has a specific policy for each of its persons.

At the same time, the government also has the authority to implement a zoning system on new businesses through  the file. The   legality  of the SKD  has been directly regulated in Article 15(1) of the Population Management Code.  Migrants are required to take care of  moving information files through authorized agencies such as village offices.

Easy ways to create SKD documents

Making a residence certificate document    is actually very simple. From this, of course, you can be sure that you do not need the help of scalpers or other people for the management process. In general, you can take care of making this SKD document yourself, without spending a penny.

In full, you need to prepare only some of the requirements that have been required by the local population office. The documents that need to be prepared include the following. First, you need to attach your KTP and family card documents. Then a letter of application for documents and data with an additional stamp duty of 6,000.

Thirdly, the whistleblower must also prepare an introductory document from RT and RW. If the management process is carried out with the help of a representative, an additional power of attorney is needed. For the last one, you also need to prepare a color photo with a size of 3×4 as much as 1 sheet.

If all the requirements above are complete, you can  start applying for place of residence information  to the officer of the village office. In addition, the village will check that the requirements are complete and if it is complete, the official will process the issuance of the SKD file.

This residency letter has a validity of 6 months. In addition, this document can also be updated at any time. Remember that in order to receive a residency letter  , you need to go to the RT and RW houses to take care of the cover letter. Without a cover letter, the SKD document will not be able to be issued.

The need for SKD documents is pretty much

For those of you who have been confused about understanding the flow and process  of managing a residency certificate, you can  start checking the information through this article. The handling of stay-at-home documents is actually very simple, it must also be adapted to the needs of the whistleblower.

If you need  more than one sheet  of this residence document ,  you just  need to  prepare the  above file requirements  in duplicate, depending on the number of letters needed. Since the legal status of this document is very mandatory, every migrant must begin to take care of the document.

For those of you who still have a hard time doing this SKD, so here are some tips that you can apply. If during the day you are busy working, then the letter of introduction from RT and RW can be taken care of in the afternoon or evening. You can also take care of the introductory documents earlier in the weekend.

SKD management in the village office must be carried out during opening hours, for your own time it can start at 08.00. During the management process, the whistleblower is not charged a penny and issuance can be made immediately if all necessary requirements are complete. Finally, the extension of this document is done best H – 14 days.

Immediately fill in the residence certificate

Ifyou want to change your place of residence , it is mandatory to take care of the domicile letter. This is highly recommended because when taking care of business in the area you are visiting, you need a SKD so that administrative matters can run smoothly without any problems.

Before moving, make sure that you have updated all the data in the population document. One of the current documents is E-KTP. In fact, in the process you will also find some differences in the management requirements  for residency certificates  that are already different subdistricts, regencies to old domicile provinces  .

So far, the process of replacing E-KTP data  has  been facilitated. For those of you who take care of replacing this data, you do not need to come and ask for a personal letter for RT or RW. Directly, this has been regulated in Presidential Ordinance No. 96 of 2018.

To replace the E – KTP at the  new residence, the  reporter can immediately bring a copy of the family card and ID card to the Dukcapil office in the area of origin. Through Dina’s office, you get a Letter of Move (SKPWNI) in the designated area. This information is also regulated by Law No. 23 of 2006.

After the SKPWNI document is issued, the complainant also comes back to bring the document and other additional documents, such as a copy of the E-ID card of the nearest neighbor at the new residence. Then wait  for the certificate  to move to come  and the certificate  of residence to be issued as the basis for making KK and E – KTP.

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