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Using student service center building in the world of lectures

A university, of course, has a student service center or a place where students can do activities. In general, the student center may also think of the living room as a sin, where it serves as a link between students, faculty, and faculty.

According to records, there is a university in Doha, Qatar, which knows how to create and build this squad comfortable and modern. The university’s name is Hamid bin Khalifa University, where the university is working with Legoretta + Legoretta to create a center for student activities.

Through the activity center you will find a variety of interesting facilities. Starting with health centres, counseling centres, accommodation and leisure rooms, students can take advantage of it without being approved by a penny. The designer of the Student Center has  also inspired the traditional Qatari market for its own problems with external problems.

The mixed architecture of Arabic and Meksiahkor has transformed the center of this area of student activity into a space full of artistic values. For the floor, this room is also built of concrete and thick walls with a layered stone structure. The sports hall is made of steel construction.

Student center in the countryside

So far, various universities around the world have certainly wanted to capture the status of a world-class university (WCU). WCU is a term for those who can evolve, adapt quickly to market demands, and continue to be sustainable. Theconstellation of this design refers to  the superiority of the code to international standards.

It is hoped that having the status of a world-class university refers to the achievements and expertise of teachers at each university. In addition, this predicate is expected to improve the  quality, value and reputation of the university. Sufficient facilities can certainly support academic quality and have a positive impact on student satisfaction.

One of these facilities is the Student Service Center.  In this case, the Student Activity Center plays a very important role as a space for interaction, recreation and social interaction with students. Various universities around the world also have centers that work well.

To achieve the level of effectiveness, the Student Activity Center requires sufficient space to support all existing activities. From an architectural point of view, space in a building plays a major role in performing its planned and expected function.

In Indonesia itself, one of the universities with enough space for student activity is located at Gadjah Mada University. Using the exampleof the country’s university, both  students and teachers achieved the planned learning goals.

Optimal paggamit ng student service center

The Student Center can be usedas a form of effective learning to improve student learning quality. From there, this activity center can also be placed directly into the world of lectures. Students will participate more actively than students.

The best learning processis to really rely on students’ interactions to actively understand the material. In this case, the lecturer or teaching staff only acts as a moderator. Having these activities will encourage students to actively research, discuss and write books.

Theway student Center Learning to the Student Activity Center is studied can be trusted to bring high values. First,this method can increasethe mossing of each student’s learning. Indirectly, they will be encouraged to study theory and want to continue to study, especially if students are facilitated by the publication of scientific papers.

Second, this approach will make students more independent and responsible for the learning process. As the student Service Center focuss, students  need to continue to learn actively. You also need to do research, which is then matured in presentations during lectures.

For the latter, the way the Student Center’s approach is taken advantage of is that students can learn deeply. Students who use this method are expected to have the opportunity to explore the field of knowledge independently. Without instruction from the teacher about other additional materials, the students set their own literacy skills.

The great role of the Student Service Center

In general, building a student activity center is designed to facilitate a variety of activities and activities for students. As a center of activity, it is possible to determine whether this building is directly under the control of Deputy Rector II. There are many basic functions for the use of this building, including the following.

This building is available as an office center and a variety of student activities such as SEMU, BEMU, SEFA, BEMBA and student activity unit offices. The design of this building is also usually built on several floors, with the first floor used for Deputy Rector III, the head of the Office of Student Affairs and his staff  .

If you enter the 2th floor, etc., you will usually find some rooms used for student activity offices. Having a Student Service Center is very important because it supports the development of students from non-academic areas such as organ-in-laws, talent, reasoning, reasoning and other activities.

The centralization of positions also makes it easier for students to manage and control the relationship between students and individual students . Again , having the UK is expected to improve the performance of students from both academic and non-academic achievement.

Student Service-Center Geböudeausleihe

After recognizing the many characteristics of the Student Activity Center, it is certainly common for each group of students in each teacher to borrow services from the Activity Center to hold multiple events. The nature of the event in question is certainly an activity or department or faculty.

If  you want to take care of  this  Student Service Center loan  , you need to understand the necessary procedures and procedures. For the first time, students must apply for a license to lend to the university’s record or vice-rector. Documents can be kept from administration.

The letter of application is then distributed by Vice-Rector III to the head of BKM. In addition, the file was forwarded to the Head of Interest, Justification and Information. After passing the disposition from the Head of Interest, Justification and Information, the document was forwarded again to the Head of Facilities and Information.

If the final file appears, then the next process of analyzing data about the use of this building.  If the results of the building review are used, the team will contact Kabag for the next step. ORMAWA will also accept this notification.

However, if the results of the building inspection are not used, the process will continue with the production and inspection of design or building rental concepts. And ultimately, the loan document is  distributed directly to students or applicants for applications for the Student Service Center building  .

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