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 Here are the latest Bukalapak call centers for filing complaints

For those of you who have problems or want the latest information, here is the Bukalapak call center by phone and social media that you can contact. This integrated information service center from one of the largest e-commerce applications in Indonesia is actively serving consumers throughout the 24 hours. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate to contact Bukalapak switchboard if you have trouble shopping.

This is because the Bukalapak team will help handle obstacles, complaints, criticisms and suggestions from consumers. This is Bukalapak’s commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction in relation to shopping through online media. So, the Bukalapak team will quickly respond to all complaints or complaints from consumers.

The importance of Bukalapak’s call center role in the eyes of consumers

The call center or integrated information center alerted by this company is tasked with responding, finding solutions and responding to the aspirations of all consumer complaints or complaints. Therefore, call centers play an important role in maintaining consumer confidence in using products from the company.


The same goes for Bukalapak. One of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia offers a call center that operates 24 hours for 7 days. There are 3 ways that you can use to connect to call center services from Bukalapak. First, you can use an interactive phone service.


Secondly, you can send a message via social networks or email. And thirdly, you can directly use the open Help menu available in the app. Here is the Bukalapak switchboard that you can use when you have problems or problems shopping in Bukalapak.


So, you can choose the call center services that have been provided by the Bukalapak team. Try to choose Bukalapak’s call center service according to the type of complaints you feel when shopping.

Types of complaints of Bukalapak consumers and must contact the switchboard

Bukalapak is really one of those market adopters who always responds to all complaints and comments from consumers. All complaints of Bukalapak consumers were immediately answered well. Therefore, these are the types of complaints that must be resolved by contacting the Bukalapak call center. Among them:

  1. The order never arrived

It is actually quite troublesome if the order package does not arrive. For this reason, consumers need clarity on the order packages that have been purchased. So, this is the Bukalapak call center that you have to contact. In addition to contacting the Bukalapak call center, you also have to contact the delivery party. The goal is for you to get more detailed package information.


  1. Incompatibility of purchased products

Bukalapa k call centeralso acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Sometimes, buyers feel that there is fraud by the seller. So, the buyer sends a complaint to the call center. And the call center will transfer the reports from the consumer to the relevant section for the investigation process.


  1. Obstacles when withdrawing balances

Sometimes, sellers or sellers in Bukalapak often have difficulty withdrawing the balance from the sale. This can be caused by an application under maintenance or other factors. This is the Bukalapak call center that  you must contact so that the balance of the sale money can be immediately disbursed to the seller’s account.


  1. Not receiving promotional benefits

If the consumer does not receive the benefits of the organized promotion, then you can contact the call center. This is because there are several factors that prevent consumers from receiving the benefits of promotions organized by Bukalapak. For more details, you can ask directly to the call center from Bukalapak.

It is Bukalapak’s call center via interactive phone and social media that is available 24 hours

To submit complaints, complaints, criticisms, and suggestions after shopping in Bukalapak, you can contact the app’s call center directly. Bukalapak is very open if there are some consumers who want to submit complaints or suggestions.


It’s no surprise that bukalapak call centers are available as interactive phones with social media. In fact, the Bukalapak app also offers a call center service ready to help you find solutions to complaints or obstacles encountered.


You can choose the types of call centers that have been alerted by the Bukalapak team. If the complaint or obstacle you are facing is urgent, then this is the Bukalapak call center by interactive phone that must be contacted.


You can call (021) 50813333. Bukalapak’s interactive phone is available 24 hours to help consumers who have trouble shopping in Bukalapak.


And if you encounter non-urgent complaints or want to convey criticisms and suggestions, then you can contact the call center from Bukalapak through social media.


You can send a direct message (DM) through Bukalapak’s Twitter account on @BukaBantuan. In addition to sending a direct message (DM), you can also provide comments that will later be replied to by the social media team from Bukalapak.


Alternatively, you can also submit a complaint via electronic message or email. And here is the Bukalapak call center by email at For the subject of the message, please write the complaints you feel while shopping at Bukalapak. Then, attach evidence in the form of images, videos, or screenshots.


Comparison of call centers that have been offered by Bukalapak

As a kind  of app  for online shopping, Bukalapak  has  also  warned of a call center ready to serve consumers 24 hours for 7 days. So you can report issues on weekends and still be served by the support provided by Bukalapak.


There are some consumers who compare the performance of the Bukalapak call center. On average, consumers assume that Bukalapak’s call center service through this interactive phone connection is more responsive.


This is because the service through this interactive phone connection is usually for urgent complaints. So the officer will provide dissolution measures. Tidak wonder if this is a bukalapak switchboard that is always busy handling complaints from users .


However, you must pay a call fee to contact Bukalapak’s call center via this interactive phone. So make sure you have enough credit to contact the integrated information center from Bukalapak.


Some consumers also mention that sending complaints through social media like Twitter and email takes longer. This is because the call center staff from Bukalapak via social networks are also responsible for responding to direct incoming messages (DMs) from other consumers.


Therefore, the resolution process takes longer than using an interactive phone call center. It’s just, there’s no charge to contact Bukalapak’s call center via social media. So this is an alternative Bukalapak call center if you can’t reach employees via an interactive phone line.


Bukalapak is one of the largest market applications in Indonesia. So it’s no surprise that there are many call centers to make it easier for consumers to submit complaints or complaints. So, this is the Bukalapak call center that you can contact when you have trouble shopping.

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