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Recommended Tourist Destinations Kuningan West Java Favorite Full Facilities

Visiting every tourist attraction in Kuningan, West Java, always dies from pleasant impressions with extraordinary experiences. Kuningan is one of the rulers located exactly the eastern part of West Java. Kuningan is a cross-country town if you want to go to Cirebon or East Priangan.

In terms of geography, Kuningan is allocated a rather diverse area from the lowlands to the highlands. Mount Ciremai is the highest peak in Kuningan and West Java. Not only alluring because of its beauty, but it has become one of the icons of Kuningan for being famous throughout Indonesia.

For a city, the presence of different tourism potential is an important asset to increase regional income. Similarly, Kuningan, with good management, makes the tourism sector very developed. It is evident from the many tourist destinations in Kuningan West Java which are well managed to always be crowded with visitors.

For those who are bored with daily activities, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to visit the city. Just choose which tourist destination you want. Guaranteed not to regret it because there are so many interesting things that can occur when visiting the district.

List of popular natural tourist destinations

It’s like nature always has a thousand ways to make people always admire its beauty. One of the natural potentials of the Kuningan soil is the Citamai Mountain National Park. As the highest peak, Ciremai is always crowded as a favorite climbing spot. In addition, the existence of a national park is also an area for the protection of animals and plants in it.

Not only mountains, there are also tourist attractions in Kuningan, West Java in the form of Sibonda waterfalls. The waterfall is located in the village of Peusing, its height reaches 3 meters. Although it is not too high, it can captivate with the beauty of the surrounding nature. On that site there is also a mosque along with 99 steps.

Telaga Remis is a tourist destination in Kuningan, West Java, no less popular. The natural lake is located in the mountainous area of Ciremai. In addition to the cool air, there are various activities you can do. Like fishing to just chatting with close relatives. The site distance is quite close to the range of 37 km from the city of Kuningan.

Another of the most popular favorites is the Sangkanurip hot spring. Located in the sangkanurip village area, there is a large pond that is always crowded with visitors. The surrounding tourist area is also equipped with a variety of facilities, ranging from homestays, spas and restaurants complete with fresh water so delicious.

Cilengkrang Valley is also no less charming than other tourist attractions in Kuningan, West Java . Visiting the valley will make you feel the feeling of a real adventure, especially when you come across two waterfalls and hot springs. If you’re lucky enough to find a Javan Eagle, it’s now rare.

List of knowledge requirements for cultural tourism destinations

In addition to having extraordinary natural wealth, Kuningan also has many cultural attractions that you cannot miss. One of them is the Cipari archaeological site. The site is a relic of the prehistoric period of the megalithic age or boulder. The site describes how old human life was in the last era.

Another tourist attraction in Kuningan West Java requires historical knowledge is the well of seven Cibulan. The place is a bathing place left by Prabu Siliwangi, King of Padjajaran. In addition to being believed to be the site of semedi Prabu Siliwangi, it is also the starting point for the spread of Islam in the Kuningan of wali songo.

Another recommended historical site is the Kuningan open space gallery. The tourist attraction characterized by the thick cultural value is really an open place to hold various art performances. To get to the place, you only need to travel 14 km from the city to the north.

Kuningan is also a witness to Indonesia’s history with the Linggarjati negotiating building. As is known, the building is the place where the Netherlands and Indonesia concluded an agreement in 1946. At the very least, visiting the site provides knowledge of what the nation’s early independence trip was like.

Kuningan West Java tourism has great potential, especially in terms of culture. One of the important cultural heritage sites is Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal in Sukamulya, Cigugur. The place is a museum in the form of a padepokan for obtaining spiritual knowledge and cultural art. There is also a rather exotic pavilion.

List of culinary tourist destinations with good taste

After visiting several places, take time to visit among the culinary tourist destinations of Kuningan. There are a variety of delicious foods that can be tasted including kwecang. Kwecang is a traditional snack made from glutinous rice that is often found during Chinese ceremonies.

If you want to enjoy a different breakfast menu, try eating Hucap. Hucap is the most popular breakfast menu in the form of soy sauce tofu similar to ketoprak. The only difference is that the soy sauce seasoning is thicker, and the color is very intense. When it enters the mouth, the sweet, sour, spicy and salty flavors are mixed.

Visiting Kuningan West Java tour is not complete without trying kasreng rice. The phenomenal food with delicious taste is quite pocket-friendly. The shape resembles cat rice with a wide selection of side dishes to taste. It is quite easy to find it because it is almost always the mainstay of roadside stalls.

Golono is a typical Kuningan food that is worth trying. Golono is derived from tofu dregs mixed with simple concoctions of spices and tastes delicious. The salty spicy taste appears when you try it. Not infrequently, tourists also feel addicted to always trying it. In addition, the price is very cheap and easy to find.

Grilled oxtail soup is the most sought-after culinary during a visit to tourist attractions in Kuningan, West Java. The food with the characteristic of grilled oxtail is really very delicious with delicious broth. About the price, do not worry because it is relatively affordable and can be found throughout the Kuningan region.

Flat family travel destinations to fill the weekends

To fill the weekend, there is nothing wrong with taking a vacation to the tourist attractions of Kuningan West Java to invite your beloved family. By enjoying the atmosphere, you can at least refresh your  mind so that you are always ready for tomorrow. Among the most recommended areas is the Kuningan Botanical Garden.

The location is located in the village of Padabeunghar which covers an area of 176 Ha. The hilly typography along with the presence of rides is so complete that it adds to the excitement when visiting. In that place, you can introduce different flora or plants to the child.

Another of the most recommended places is The Mountain Recreation Park. You can visit the place with fairly complete playgrounds on weekends. The water tour is quite flat from the center of the kora so it can be the main choice when bored of daily activities.

In addition to water tours, there is another Salsabila park complete with architectural beauty. The place, which is identical to the typical European house style, is quite comfortable because it is far free of hustle and bustle and noise. Located in the village of Panawuan, it makes the place suitable for visiting with close relatives.

If you don’t want to go far, you can visit the Sanggariang pool area. Located in the city center makes access to the place very easy. The ticket price is very cheap to swim to your heart’s content. Now you just have to choose which tourist attractions in Kuningan, West Java will be visited when the holiday season arrives.

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