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Learn how to transfer Indosat quota is hassle-free and easy

For those of you who use Indosat, there are several ways to transfer the Indosat quota  that  are not yet known to many people.   The method is very simple and simple, where currently the need for Internet quota is indeed very important and must be satisfied.  Without an Internet package, communicating with  others becomes difficult.

Therefore, you need to have a smartphone and  an Internet data packet, as well as a smooth connection to be able to communicate well at all times.   Now, the use of the Internet is indeed very useful for humans in carrying out their daily activities. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing an Internet card.

Know how to transfer the Indosat quota

As is known, with the Internet, many people can communicate easily with each other even if it is long distances. It’s certainly relatively easy compared to the past, when the Internet wasn’t invented.   As we know nowadays, the Internet is necessary in everyday life.

This is why the use of the Internet is necessary today to facilitate remote communication. If you have a smartphone, but there is no internet data plan, it is certainly quite difficult to communicate.   Therefore, a  quota transfer service feature  is required  to make  it easier  for  users.

Indosat ooredoo has a data transfer  service  over the Internet to  facilitate  transactions  or communications of its users.   So why should you choose Indosat? This is because this provider  provides different types of cheap and affordable data plans.

Not only that, Indosat’s signal  is  also quite strong and fast for those of you who live in urban areas.  However,  it is possible that those of you who live in the countryside will not be able to take advantage of this single-source service.   In this article, we will discuss how to  transfer the indosat quota  easily.

It is known that Indosat is a fairly popular provider and already has many users. This is because Indosat is  known to have a wide network and strong signals, of  course,  spread throughout Indonesia.   In addition, Indosat also provides a variety of  interesting  service features.

The transfer of quotas between them is also the property  of  this well-known supplier.  You can count on Indosat as a provider that guarantees  signal  quality  and service features. Where, you can also  transfer data packets to other operators only with Indosat.

How  to transfer the quota with Indosat is also very youngand anti-complicated.   In a short time, you can send an Internet data packet  to the destination number of the transfer.   In addition, the transaction will run in a short period of time, so you don’t have to wait long.

The method of transferring the Indosat quota  should also be known so that the transactions made can run smoothly according to your  wishes.  For those of you who use Indosat, don’t worry  if you run out of quota,  you can always  share it with friends, friends or family who have a lot of quota.

Cara  Transfer Indosat Quota by SMS

Of  course, you will be looking for a  quick way to be able to send Internet data packets, one of which is via SMS. As for this method,  it is relatively easy and works in a short time.   The transactions that will be processed tend to be faster if you use sms,  it’s just that it requires credit  capital.

The way to transfer the quota via SMS is to open  the  message  inbox  on each smartphone and then open  an empty text.  Then, type gift space to the planned “additional” digital space of the selected package  type.

If you have completed all these steps, send an SMS to 363.   After transferring  the  quota to the destination number, make sure you don’t forget to send the message to 363 for further processing.

Then you can wait for a  new SMS to  appear in your smartphone notification.  If the  transaction is declared unsuccessful,  you can try it using the  *123# service or you can also use the My IM3 application.

How to transfer the Indosat quota  to Telkomsel

Unlike other providers in general, Indosat  easily provides  services and quota transfers to other operators.   This kind of service is  certainly very desirable for everyone.   Especially if you use Indosat, but your loved ones use Telkomsel.

Don’t worry, by using Indosat, you can make these transactions easily.   However, the way to send Internet data   packets  from different operators is very different from  sending each  other.   Despite this, you can still take advantage of this different operator quota transfer service.

The indosat quota transfer method  does not  charge  a fee,  so you can use the *123# service or  the My IM3 app directly.  If the  quota on the smartphone has been filled, your communication with your loved ones will  no longer  be  hindered.

How to transfer Indosat quota free of charge

Please note that Indosat’s Internet data packet delivery service  is free  of  charge. This certainly makes Indosat one of the best internet providers that can make it easier for users to  use  its  service features.

Where Indosat ooredoo always embraces service  satisfaction  and ease of use in  transactions and communication.   The trick is  to  open the number and  type *123#, then press YES or call.  You have to wait a few minutes, a number of menus  will appear.

If the menu display  has appeared, please select number 3. Then a menu  display  will appear again, select the number 6.   After that, you need to select number 2 to choose the available  data  package gift.

Next, enter the  desired  transfer  destination number  , and then click YES or OK.   Please wait a while  for an SMS pop-up to appear  regarding  the confirmation of the sending quota on your smartphone.

How to transfer Indosat quota for free

You can also send Internet data packets for free with Indosat  providers   easily.   You just need to download the My im3  app  , you can choose different types of  attractive data plans at affordable prices.

Usually, in order to be able  to transfer the quota,  you need to install the app on a smartphone, if it is installed, please log in and follow some of the steps  below.

  1. First, open the My im3 app that has been installed.
  2. Then immediately appear the display of the  available  menu  and  directly select  the  offer menu.
  3. After that, there is a display of the package  menu that can beshared.   Please choose in advance if necessary.
  4. If the package selection step has been completed,  you need to press the GIFT option button  .
  5. Then, please enter the number Indosat for which the quota transfer is intended. If so, please click YES or SUBMIT.
  6. Also, make sure to select the Buy button and then click  the Pay button on the  next option
  7. The last step is to wait for some time until  the  transaction process is successfully completed  .   Typically, a confirmation will appear in the form of an SMS pop-up that is periodically sent to your   Where the content of the confirmation SMS  indicates that the  quota transfer process was sent  successfully.

If the quota you have is low, this step is very appropriate to help  you buy the quota again.   Some of the  above ways to transfer  the  Indosat quota should be a reference for those of you who are still confused about  how to send data packets between them or between different carriers.

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