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Here’s  how to register the Telko Card, understand the details and the steps.

Now prepaid SIM card holders   are required to register  first.Making  the keyword on how to register a Telcomcell card Since 2017, the government  has  been   searching for  NIK  data  Consider that the KK numbers were applied in a state of  use.

This  registration platform,  which is valid   for existing new customers  ,  uses the same steps;  if you do not perform this procedure, you  receive it.” Permission does not activate the phone number,  so there is  a compulsory   nature for everyone who uses a prepaid SIM card.

If you give only one card  , including  Telko number users, you have  to take this step,  but the easy way to do it without worrying  Here are some of the most frequently   asked questions related to  how to register the Telcomsel card before  explaining the steps  .

5 things to understand about Telko Card registration

Here are some things to  understand and know before registering in a Telko card:

  1. The reasons behind it

According to the Ministry of Finance and  Information,      the   registration decision was taken to protect  consumers using prepaid SIM cards  .     It is also used to support one of the interests designed by the government: a single male  identity.

The above-mentioned interests themselves are intended to communicate directly with the identity  of the  owner of his card directly with population information.  Population and Civil Registration Service)  to  contact the cell operating system with the proprietary database.Communications and Information Minister   of   2017   The legal basis itself in  the discipline  of  Number 14  .

  1. Replace it if you don’t have an E-KTP

Prepaid card   users  don’t have to  worry  when they  don’t have an  E-KTP  because what is needed is national profile  Because it’s number (NIK)  , so there’s another option to look at the number  .  You can see it from a family card (KK). So everyone has  so  that everybody  can register  because there’s already a  NIK  .

  1. Security and security guaranteed

Some people  may be  worried about the problem of handing over the  NIK and KKK Number  . but the government has given the security of this data I guarantee it, because it all goes to the Dukcapil server  , so it won’t  be  accessible to Telconcell operators or anyone else.    If there’s a leak, it could apply to criminal sanctions.

  1. Number for a user

Essentially, a person’s information  can be registered in several numbers   ,  but there are still relevant conditions. In one of them  , it is  Only three special numbers  made  by Kimu via  SMS  are  allowed to be registered  .   As long as the  recipe  is  done  directly, it’s  allowed to  go past the number three.

  1. Sanctions if   they don’t

As we explained earlier,  if not registered immediately, there  are bans.  First,  the Telcomcell phone number  will not be activated;  all phone calls,  Internet usage, as well as  text messages cannot be provided directly.  This step is  for you to use  .  It really means a compulsory necessity.

 How to register your Telko card via SMS

This first step is      the most muddy and  is usually used via SMS. Then you  need to open a list of information on your cell phone. Here are details.

  1. New User-Specic Steps

First after opening a newspaper list, REG (space) NIK@NoMorK@NoMorK@@nomorK@@noMorK…   After successfully writing,  send it  to number 4444.  For example, REG 987654321 /123456789 #  is sent to  4444 after sending. If the  registration  is  successfully implemented later, the operator will reply.

  1. Old user-Specific  Sts levels

The   way  a telco card is registered for older  users  is  almost the  same format,  only  to add the word  “repeat”. The  form of information to be written is  REG (Space) ULangNIK@NomorK@@nomorK…    ONE EXAMPLE IS REG URANG98753321 #@_ 123456789_

Later,when Kamu successfully carries out this process, he  will receive a reply  , but the process may have also failed for some specific reasons, and if   this  step fails or fails, we  will explain how to overcome it when discussing it at the end of the  next article.

You have  the opportunity to use the first or second Telcomcell registration method   , which is easy.  Later, when the process becomes smooth,   Kamu screams. Another sign when it  succeeded  was the  telephone intentions  of a prepaid Telcombes card    it       can be used  for  information, the Internet, and other requirements.

Easy steps to register via Telko official website

Next,  it can be said that   this second step is  relatively easy, and the requirements are the same. It  is also similar to the IK and KK number.  It  is recommended  for Kamu  , which has Internet connections.  Below, via the official website    The levels of  registration are set out in greater detail.

  1. Go to the official website

The initial way to  register a Telcomcell card  that needs to be  run https://www is to open the  official  Telcomcell website, which is  then open the  re-registered  Yan gu  . https://www  The website option can also be used directly, since the pre-paid registry is  automatically instructed by, so a list of pre-paid cards is automatically directed.

  1. Fill in the requested documents

The next   step is to fill in some of the requested documents. These documents  include names  ,  family card numbers and  NIK. NIK  is also  allowed to be taken from KTP or family card.  All filled documents are correct  .    Make sure that registration levels are processed smoothly later.

After choosing the word “OK”, the  terms and conditions will apply later.  The  owner of the card  can read it first.  Later, the rules And if you agree with  the conditions,  choose the  “agreement” option.  Then, the  level of registration via  this website    The filling devices will succeed when they are correct.

If registration fails, try how to fix it below

According to Komenfo himself,  the reason why Telconcell card registration  can fail because of so many things.  The first possibility is the KTP factor There are two errors in the data and the KKK number, causing it to be blocked.The  second possibility is  the   person  applying for registration     It’s a mistake when the number of personal  documents owned is supplemented.

The third goal is the     KKK  number  that  switched to a new one as it moved   its residence to another town.Although  the reason  for  the latest failure is  likely to be  that the KKK Number has  also  changed   This is because the head of the family appeared on his death  certificate; if the above factor causes failure, overcome this step

  1. Review the format

When the first  error occurs, double-check that the written information is correct,  and  if the numbers are correct,  review the form sent, making sure  that all forms, numbers and letters will be sent to  register.

  1. Try messaging up to five tests

When the data is correct but fails, up to five attempts are still sent   to  SMS.If  the   data is correct, the operator A reply will be sent, and then you  will activate  your Telkoone number,  because   this process is guaranteed free of charge    There is no need to worry about debt relief.

  1. Ask the exit   directly

Come  to  Telconcell departments when registration  continues to fail,  even though  you have  tested all  levels of prepaid card registration  above    Don’t forget to bring documents such as KTP and KK.  Later,  the  information and personal information filled in is  correct You  will be instructed to write a  manifesto, and you can only manage it.

The point is that you  need to select  one of the steps  in this  Telcomcell registration: via SMS or the official website Choose the most practical and quick selection.  Don’t always give details when  registering for  this  telco   card Forget so that it will succeed later  .

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