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How to Top On GoPay Equity Select Easy

The easiest way to increase your GoPay balance can be used as an option. GoPay itself is an electronic money service located in the Gojek app. This payment service can be used to pay for various services from Gojek such as GoSend, GoFood, GoCar and others.

In fact, you can do non-cash transactions with business partners who have partnered with Gojek. GoPay also has many features, such as joint venture features. With the shared hosting feature using GoPay, you won’t struggle when paying when you get together with friends.

In addition to the joint venture feature,  there is also a GoPay Diary feature. This GoPay Diary feature is a recap of transactions from GoPay for an entire month, so you can track exactly where the money you put on is in the GoPay app. Users using GoPay as a means of activity will receive reports once a month via email.

You don’t have to worry when you choose the easiest way to increase your  GoPay balance  , because GoPay is committed to maintaining user safety. GoPay has a variety of technologies and continues to strive to maintain the security of balances, transactions and personal data. Here’s how to increase your GoPay balance.

How to Increase GoPay Balance through Driver

You can easily adjust the balance to your circumstances and needs. One way to increase your GoPay balance is up through the driver. The maximum amount you can make is only 10 thousand IDRs, of course, a very small amount.

If you want to add via GoPay, you must first make a Gojek order. You can order GoCar, GoRide or GoFood. Increasing the balance cannot go only to any driver, such as meeting the driver on the road and wanting to climb up, but you must make the order.

After making an order for one of Gojek’s services, immediately deliver it to the driver if you want to transfer your GoPay balance. You can withdraw the amount of money from the GoPay you want to transfer. If the driver says that he has done the top, you can check if your balance has increased or not.

To check the balance, you can click more on the main page, then click history. Typically, in the inbox there is also a message if you have successfully received the balance along with the nomination amount. Make sure again when balance is added.

Unlike other simple ways to increase your GoPay balance, increasing your  balance  through the  driver is free, so you can save more, aside from that the maximum minimum balance from the driver is only 25 thousand IDRs.

GoPay Balance Filling Through Minimarket

In addition to adding your GoPay horizontal ip through the driver, you can also add GoPay through a small store. Gojek has partnered with several small outlets to tip the scales, including Alfamidi, Alfamart, Dan + Dan, Pegadaian and Lawson. You can choose these small stores.

After you get to the minimarket, the next easiest way to increase your GoPay  balance  is to describe the  cashier if you want  to increase  the balance to the customer, then present the phone number you are using and registered in the Gojek app. The amount of balance filling through small stores varies.

The most common choice to scale horizontally through small stores starts from 20 thousand IDR to IDR 500 thousand. After charging, pay according to the required nominee. To add through the minimarket, you must pay an administrative fee of only Rs. 2 thousand.

Afterwards, the cashier will add your account, before leaving the minimarket, re-ascertain if your balance selection is up based on the nominee you paid. To check it out, you can click more on the main page or search for history.

Top Up GoPay Balance via Banking

You can also increase your balance from the bank, there are several banks that you can use as an option to increase your balance. You can choose a bank based on the bank you are currently using. On top of the balance can also be from ATMs, mobile banking and others, here’s how to increase GoPay’s balance, choose the simplest thing in full:

  1. Via BCA. You can top up via ATM, select the transfer menu and then enter BCA Virtual Account Gojek 70001 followed by your phone number, enter the amount you want to fill in and finish adding. In addition, you can also top using Klik Moja, m-BCA, and Klik BCA.


  1. Through Bank Mandiri. If you have a Bank Mandiri account, and want to add using an ATM, you can select the payment menu, then e-Commerce, and enter the company number, i.e. 60373, followed by the phone number that is registered in the app. In addition to using an ATM, you can use internet banking, or mobile banking.



  1. Through Bank BRI. If through the BRI bank, you can select other purchase transactions, enter a 301341 number followed by your phone number. Don’t forget, enter the amount of appointments you want to fill. Filling through Bank BRI can also use BRI mobile SMS, BRI Mobile banking.


  1. How to add a GoPay balance choose the easiest through Bank BNI. To add, you can select the payment menu, and finally for another payment, enter the number 9003, the code is Gojek’s company number, then enter your phone number, finally enter the amount of GoPay you want to increase. High equity through Bank BNI can use internet banking, and SMS banking.


  1. Through Permata Bank. If through the Bank Permata ATM, you can select the transfer menu, then to your Permatabank account, and enter the company code. The company number of Gojek is 898 and is followed by a registered number. Enter the selection and follow the instructions accordingly on the screen.

Top Top from fellow GoPay Users

Another easy way to increase your GoPay balance is up from your fellow users. But if you want to transfer the balance to your fellow users, make sure you upgrade your account first, upgrading your account is easy.

If you want to upgrade your account, in the GoPay menu, you can click more, then choose to upgrade and upgrade now. Take a photo of the ID you have, and don’t forget to take a selfie along with your clear ID. Click send a document and you just have to wait for the next confirmation process.

If the verification process is successful, you will later get a notification, by upgrading to this account, the easiest way to increase your GoPay balance will be even more different. If you want to top up to your fellow users, you can click on the payment. Then follow the next step.

To make a transfer from a fellow user, you can enter a phone number or use a QR code. After choosing either of the two, enter the amount you want to send, and don’t forget to write a message or description. Click pay and enter your PIN. If a transfer is successful, you will get a notification later,

GoPay offers convenience, moreover, the way to sign up for GoPay is also convenient, you just need to download the Gojek app, then you can use the service from GoPay directly. When you want to use it, don’t forget to verify the data first so that the easiest way to increase your GoPay balance is more diverse.

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