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Pos Indonesia call center phone number and examples of its services

P os Indonesia call center service  is always crowded with discussions from everyone. Because  this structure is always important for all customers for many things related to the service  of the mail section  itself. Pos Indonesia itself contains state ownership in the field of transportation of goods and documents throughout the region.

If you used to shop online, of course you will not be unfamiliar with the services offered by this delivery service.   This is where you can check the online receipt to track the delivery location of the ordered item.  Interestingly, now the post also provides a  24-hour CS service.

This service is provided as  a form of innovation by this limited liability company  as the oldest transportation service owned by the state so that it  is not  obsolete.   So at first people can often think it is outdated, so thanks to the P os Indonesia  call center  service they provide, it makes it look more modern.

Various structures of  The Indonesian  postal service

The services provided by  limited liability companies owned  by these state-owned enterprises are diverse. This has been done to maintain the convenience of customers who have been using its services for a long time. Below is a list of services available here, including:

  1. POSERBA, this structure focuses more on  the one stop shopping method and is usually available on the physical recording of the post office.   With this service, all the needs of the community are met.   Some of the needs that can be met with this service include philately, greeting cards and stationery.   That’s all there is.
  2. POSARLING, as the name suggests, as well as working in the field of postal delivery services, reveals that here it also provides services for other needs. For example, the sale of stamps,  mail items  , and the receipt of shipments from anyone.   So that the existence of the  P os Indonesia  call center makes it closer to getting closer to the local people  who need it.
  3. Halo Pos 161 is a telephone line  that anyone can contact to get services and information according to their individual needs.   The facility can  be used by customers at any time  to save more costs, time and effort when they need direct ride-hailing services.
  4. This agency is also one of the services of the post office  , where the company is  open to the public or anyone who wants to join as an Indonesian postal organization.    The services are varied – including opening savings, pension payments and deductions, selling stamps and  many   So there’s a lot of action.

How to contact the Pos Indonesia Call Center by phone

For those who need help with the delivery of their  packages, all these problems can be solved immediately by contacting the current customer service.   Any complaints and problems or all the necessary information is easy to find answers through the service.   Here’s how to contact them.

One of them has direct telephone means using the  main post office number that is present according to the destination city  .   The phone number itself is usually already available online. Then you can find the number directly using the internet and enter the keywords.

In addition, the telephone number of  the P os Indonesia  call center will  soon appear according to the head office of each essential city. From here you can ask for many things that begin with the condition of the package sent or even when you want to know the cost of  shipping the product when using the service.

So, you know how much money they need to be willing to pay for shipping directly   . So in this case to contact customer service directly, you can use the number 161 as one of the services provided by Halo Pos Indonesia.

In this case, if you are used to using its services, you should carefully remember and register the phone number,  so as not to lose it.   So when there is a problem related to the ship or something that has not been solved, then the solution can be found here.

It’s just that to call you, you will usually be charged the local price as usual. Make sure you have enough credit when you want to  make a call so that when you want to ask customer service for some things, the connection is not interrupted.

How to contact Pos Indonesia call center via email and live chat

In addition to the phone number, you can also contact the post office customer service directly  by email.   This is perfect for those of you who want to save money when using their services but don’t want to run out of credit.  This is where every customer can contact the CS directly using the given email.

You can make a complaint or request anything through an email address directly from your phone, computer, or even any other gadget device already connected to the Internet. So the capital here is only an internet connection, the rest you can contact the  P os Indonesia  call center via email.

The current email address of the post office   Each  email received  will receive a response directly from customer service.   It’s just that when you use this service, you usually have to be patient because obviously the answer takes longer than contacting customer service by phone.

In addition to using email, you can also contact the CS on duty via live chat. This feature is available directly from the official website of  the post office at  the address of the   Just press the accompanying chat menu, then all questions will be answered immediately.

This feature is available at the bottom right of  the screen where you will see a representative image of  the Indonesian  post  and then  a live window will instantly appear.   On the menu, you can select the menu offered by the post office.  After that, write a message and you will be answered immediately.

How to contact Pos Indonesia call center via social media

In addition to using some of the above methods, you can also check the status of your shipment and file a complaint directly through the social media accounts of the delivery office. Because currently Pos is a more advanced Indonesia. This is obviously because the service is becoming more advanced because it already has social media.

FB accounts can be found by visiting the fan page directly owned by Pos Indonesia.  In the meantime, if you want to get in touch via Twitter, you can directly @PosIndonesia so that all needs get an immediate response.   However, when contacted via Twitter, working hours are limited for customers.

You will only be served from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., all valid from  Monday to Friday.   But even so, this service is enough  to  help you accurately monitor the status of the delivery of goods.

What’s interesting is that not only FB and Twitter, it turns out that there is still Instagram.  You can also contact the official IG account at @posindonesia.ig so that the call administrator  immediately  answers questions in a responsive way.

Of course, with all the services offered above, the company has become different and has changed for the better.   As a result, many people today are starting to use their services again.   Because the presence of a number of P os Indonesia  call centers that can be contacted at any time makes consumers feel appreciated for their abilities.

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