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Manfaat ACC Call Center, Not Just Complaints

The benefits  of an ACC call center  will be available to its users.   Problems with consulting on loan cooperation or leasing agencies often occur  and if they are not  solved quickly, misunderstandings occur  . Well,  this  misunderstanding of the lack of information can  be  another  problem  for  you.

Of course, you don’t want the problem that is going through while you’re  going  to have a hefty loan funded by equipment that’s going to  acc and  isn’t dealt with quickly?   In order to overcome  different problems or challenges, there are different methods that can be used. One of those contacted the ACC call center.

There are many  advantages to  having an ACC-owned call center  , and the most  noticeable is that it helps solve problems during the funding  process.   There are a few problems often encountered by ACC service service people  such as requests for loan assistance  to  increase mortgage rents   to make it easier for the parts.

To contact the telephone station, it can be done easily.   Because ACC provides its own number that can be contacted by its customers or users.   You  can  immediately complain about the number they are concerned about and   report the complaint or complaints in a proper and detailed manner.

This way, the party that came out of that lease   can give  you the right solution.  Remember to provide some important documents that are needed.   Before you know  how to communicate and  what  are the benefits of an ACC call center,  you also need to know what the  company’s immediate history  is  , just go ahead see the description below.

 ACC Company  History Overview

As previously mentioned, it will actually actually be  available for  a lot of benefits coming from the ACC call center.   ACC or Astra Credit Companies is an automobile  and heavy equipment  company that funds it. The  finance  firm  appears to have a good reputation in the wider community and has more than 9,000 cooperative  entrepreneurs.

Referring to the rule from OJK (financial services agency) no. 29/POJK.05/2014, the company undertakes the business needs of the fields of financing financing, multipurpose purposes and operating leases, a good capital of employment.  using standard protocol and share-based management.   They both have their own advantages  .

Acc’s predecessor came from the PT Astra Sedaya Finance company which was founded on July 15, 1982 under the name PT Raharja Sedaya.  The agency is useful in  supporting the Astra group’s automotive business  .   Only in 1990, PT Rajardja Sedaya changed its name to PT astra Sedaya Finance.

The benefits of the call center that ACC  offers this company include the purchase of new and used cars,  especially cars  manufactured by Astra such as Toyota Isuzu, Daihatsu, Peugeot  to  BMW.   As per previous formulation,  the company works to support  the financing process  for  more than 1600 auto dealers in Indonesia.

Some of the companies they operate as  ACC organizations  include Astra  Sedaya Finance, PT Swadharma Bhakti  Sedaya  Finance, PT  Astra Auto Finance,  PT Staco Estika Sedaya Finance  and PT Pratama Sedaya Finance .   This company has  so far  been developing various services and facilities.  In addition,  it  also continues to continue to maintain their reputation for it.

Buuxi ACC yang Call Center Information

The existence  of   ACC’s call center  services   is actually a way for customers and companies to access information easily and in practice.    In addition to that, there are  many advantages that ACC call centers  will   have available to  users.   Especially to overcome the various different problems and complaints while cooperating.

For those of you  who would like to contact a part of  the company’s call center , you can call directly at 021-766-9000 for customers in the Jakarta area.    Meanwhile if you are  outside Jakarta you can contact them directly at 1500-599.   This number can be linked  using all the telecommunications operators.

Meanwhile  , customers  who wish to contact the  head   office directly can call them directly at (021) 7885-9000. Where the head office of the ACC is located in Jl.TB Simatupang No.90.   When these complaints and  recommendations are being filed, they must  be  clearly and deeply  held  so that the company can continue to understand them.

Customers  can wait approximately 20 days to get a response or response.   The time frame is calculated by the complete sourced document  . If it turns out that the  task  of  submitting the  complaint has not received a response, then the  only  way  to  go  can be  taken by contacting OJK according to the 1500655 number.   This is the best way to file complaints.

 Acc Call Center Benefits

They don’t already know how to file a complaint with an ACC company. Well, it   turns out  that there are many advantages that ACC call centers  should know.   For more details, see see the review below

  1. Make complaints quickly 

As mentioned earlier,  the existence of a call center is actually the ideal place to  make complaints as problems during the credit  process.    This quick reporting method   can solve your problem quickly.   You can directly use any of the numbers above.

  1. Find information about the product you have

Another benefit of acc’s call center  is that you  get information regarding  the company’s relevant products. Companies Astra Credit itself has several products such as car financing to heavy lat.

  1. To get advice

The  existence of a call center   can also  be the best  place to offer advice to   the company.   It cannot be denied,   if  the services of a rental company are not  sometimes  satisfactory, you can give them  advice as soon as possible so that they  can work  better than jobs.    .

  1. To contact the company

The advantage acc’s call center has over the existence of the call center is that it connects customers with this ACC company.   Not only that  , their survival is also very important, because  they  can handle different types of  customer problems.

Advantages of Buying a Car with ACC

There are various advantages to be had from buying a car with ACC are as follows:

  1. Keep the best service to their customers

The use of this leasing  agency  by ACC   will  also  offer many benefits for   its users.   As for the existence of  the best service and uses the concept of operational excellence to maintain customer satisfaction.

  1. Has a  wide of full of full  product  features

Astra Credit Companies also have a wide variety of products that are to some  extent complete.   In addition, she has partnered with  several car dealers in Indonesia.   Credit claim can be  made  as well  easily.

  1. affordable  customer acquisition

Finally, you  will  also  be provided with a service in the form of customer access which has a very  easy  reach  .   There are plenty of networking opportunities  such as call centers or social media.

Working with funding agencies isn’t really more than a variety of problems. To succeed in this, customer service can  be the best solution.   There are   so many acc  call centers  benefits  you  can get.

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