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Standard Express Is it true that service is quality? Here’s the explanation

If you ask The Standard Express, is it true that the service is of high quality?  The answer is, of course, correct. The name of standard publishing in Indonesia is not so big| But although it is still not big, development continues in many areas. That continuous development makes its quality unforgettable|

All types of transport are served by standard express| Moreover, the distribution is not only for goods within the island| Distribution is also provided for goods outside the island| This can be done because the scope of the campaign is already very wide| But the popularity is not too much, some people often hesitate|

Considering the names of its contestants, it is a natural thing that seems very strong so that these contestants are trusted more often| However, it needs to be known that this campaign has many advantages| These facilities actually answer the question of standard disclosure as to whether the service is really of high quality.

Facility of Standard Express

The Standard Express has many facilities| The first advantage is in the process of ensuring that the delivery of goods is proper and there are no errors| If you look at the situation within the standard disclosure, the system is already very good| This makes the possibility of exchange of goods completely absent|

But in general, problems often occur in customers| Often customers are caught up with the wrong state of the goods while sending them| When questioning standard express is it true that the service is of high quality?  This condition could be one of the reasons for the good quality of the campaign|

While sailing on this expedition, the CS will repeatedly question about the material to be sent. Apart from this, the CS will also inform about the delivery address so that there is no error. This method guarantees the sent materials their truth and accuracy|

Besides, frequent questions are also not given to the sender alone| The recipient will also get frequent queries. This is to ensure that the goods received are accurate and delivered to the destination| At the same time, the question of Standard Express actually needs to be answered to a quality service|

Another advantage of this campaign also lies in its ability to pack its goods| The packing capacity of the goods of this company is very good| Packing of goods is done carefully by experts| This condition ensures sending the safety of the material| Apart from this, CS will also give information on how to arrange the material.

This is done so that customers feel calm because they are sure that the item will not be wasted | if you have a special note regarding the item, be sure to let it know. This method will put the material in a special category to the campaign team| This technique is quite effective in supporting the safety of materials|

The existence of the company is clear so that customers are not deceived

Besides, customers also  need not hesitate while doing giriman through Standard Express, as the company is clear and official | it reinforces the answer to the question of standard disclosure Is it true that the service is of high quality?  Legality is already there for this campaign | besides, the experience is also very long|

The industry has been running for more than seven years| With the bag, all the problems that customers experience are imagined | ship is also very complete. It can be done well to any kind of delivery| You may also know that it takes a lot of money to get such a ship|

With the placing of a ship by Standard Express, this proves that this company is not messing around| For information, this company is a subsidiary of Asperindo. This certainly answers the question of whether Standard Express is really a quality service.  All deliveries made are in accordance with Indonesian postal standards|

Because the establishment time is about 7 years, it does not mean that the branches are only in big cities| The development of this company was so rapid that branches were even created in many places| The campaign has branches in almost all parts of Indonesia| The number itself is constantly increasing|

Even now, the branch has started to be found in some remote areas. This definitely makes it easier for the customer to access delivery services even though the location is far away from the city| The more it came here, the more and more the number of branches experienced an increase| The company itself was founded on January 29, 2014.

The number of branches has reached dozens since then. In another 3 years or exactly 10 years since its inception, the number of branches of this company can reach 100| This condition can certainly give more confidence to the company|

Existence of insurance and information systems

When asking questions about standard express is it true that the service is of high quality?  One of the best ways to answer the question is | in terms of price although very well established, the price offered is very affordable | here, the tariff per kg is in the range of 15,000 rupiah | of course, the price  is very standard|

Although the rates are standard, this rate is supplemented by insurance. The existence of insurance certainly makes the comfort of the customer more pronounced| With this, all types of losses will be replaced so that the loss to the customer can be avoided| Different things will be experienced in some other companies|

Apparently, the fare paid is actually less than the standard express| But this rate is not added to the insurance value| When insurance is added to the cost, the rates are even more expensive and much higher| It certainly responds to standard disclosures as to whether the service is actually of quality or not |

In addition, an information system was also provided by this campaign. This information system is in the form of a receipt with a tracking function. Its existence is certainly very helpful so that customers can get the latest place of the goods they are sending| To do tracking, two ways are provided.

The first is to go through the website| First, look for websites on the Internet that provide tracking services for all campaigns| Enter the receipt number to the area provided. Wait a few moments and the latest location of the material will be known| In addition to using the official website, jog trackingcan be done through the market place|

Generally, a marketplace already provides tracking services on its applications. However, this can of course only be done if purchases  are made through  market places | the method itself is more practical than using the Internet | this condition answers more about the disclosure of standards whether or not the service is actually of high quality|

How to communicate standard express call center

If there is confusion about the services provided by Standard Express, a call center is also available. The call centre itself is in number 1500-702. However, the call center is open to all Indonesians. In addition to talking about the complaint, questions may also be given. However, the cost of contacting the call center is not free.

A fee is required when you want to contact him| The fee will be deducted through credit and cannot use the package. To get the best experience, make sure the credit stock is within 50 thousand rupiah| This number is really huge. However, this reduces the chances of death halfway through the phone.

If you’re still weighing the campaign to choose from. Standard Express is very qualified to be an option| With standard express, various facilities will be available. Apart from this, the call centre is also very friendly in dealing with various customer complaints. The point is if you ask Standard Express then is it true that the service is of high quality?  The answer is, of course, correct.

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