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History of the uprising in TII West Java and its causes


One form of rebellion that gives many people memories  of its time is IN TII West Java. This is because the incident was enough  to make many victims.   In fact, the event also  happened in a rather long period of time .   So many people still remember it.


Even after the Republic of Indonesia became independent, they fought even harder. National heroes are confronted with many events that are already much more than during the Indonesian struggle. Also at that time the resistance that arose came from the Indonesian  people themselves.   The incident took place because the ideology was not in line with the government.


Many groups of individuals are dissatisfied with   what the Indonesian government is implementing. So there were quite a few   rebels by the people themselves, for example the  DI TII movement. Where the center itself is located in the  regional part of Indonesia, such as  West Java   itself.


There are still many places in Indonesia such as Kalimantan, Aceh or Sulawesi.  But in the end,  the efforts that took place were also successfully thwarted by the government.   The attempted obstructionist was a success because the  resistance was  given rather fiercely by different parties.  Pannoyanceait can still be widely known to the public.


Background in TII West Java


The darul Islam  action of the  Indonesian Islamic Army itself is a  movement in the political field with the  beginning of development in the Tasikmalaya area.    This resistance was originally exposed by the Islamic State  of Indonesia.   Exactly on August 7  , 1949. This happened a few years after the proclamation.


The uprising in TII West Java led by  Sekarmadji figure Maridjan Kartosoewirjo aimed to   create  Indonesia  into an Islamic state  where  the  end was  to proclaim nii itself.   This event itself took place because Kartosoewirjo felt abandoned  by the  content of the  Renville Agreement.


The content of the treaty itself is supposed to abuse the honor of the hero of independence. The content of the treaty itself was the Indonesian state that  was forced  by the Dutch  to give up  the  West Java area.  In fact, as much as this resistance occurred, Kartosoewirjo was already a politician.   So it’s not surprising to have  a lot of political experience  .


Even in  the sarekat Islam party of Indonesia, beliau is very fanatical about the religion of Islam. He also had the idea of a hijra policy in which it should be used in his leadership.   The background in TII West Java unites every branch in Indonesia thatcan fight  a gar against a government that disagrees.


It is not only moving because of one commonality of a religious ideology.  The leaders and members of the movement were also spurred on by the leader from West Java.   This resistance was actually because Kartosoewirjo was dissatisfied with the independence of the Republic of Indonesia which was still overshadowed by the Dutch who wanted to continue to control Indonesia.


The goal of creating a movement in TII


The performance ofp emberontakan IN TII West Java was led by sekarmadji community leader Maridjan Kartosoewirjo himself becauseit was to achieve  the goal according to his wishes.   As an action, TII itself is trying  to create  a country  where the basis is sharia in Islam.   In addition,  the country was liberated by Dutch  colonization.


For more details,  the goal of this resistance itself is  to create  an Indonesian Islamic state  recognized  by the  state.  In fact, they also want to  be  recognized  by international law.   In addition, this resistance was  also formed because it  wanted to make Indonesia a country that  had an  Islamic base.


The leader of this action is to make Islamic law so that it becomes the law of the  Indonesian state  , of course guided by two things, namely the hadith and the Qur’an. Not only that, they formedan Islamic state because they  wanted to change the  laws of the  government to be the same  as  Islam.


The purpose of the formation of the uprising in TII West Java was because the figures rejected the ideology and laws of the hadith and the Qur’an.  Even in addition to the existence of these  two things,  they  claim that if they  follow the other, they  are considered unbelievers.  But it  is very unfortunate, because the main goal of this movement was to fight the Dutch.


But it turned out to be radical.  As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has the greatest variety of beliefs.  Which includes 6 major religions and is also recognized by the state  .   So it is not wise to   make Islam more special  than other religions.


Founder of the Uprising in TII West Java


The rise of the DI action itself was initially because two people were suspected of playing an important role in the formation of the  action.   About the first person is the kyai of Jusuf Tauziri.   He is said to be the  founder  in the  early stages of creating  a peaceful Islamic movement.


But eventually  he also  withdrew  his support for Kartosoewirjo for the  fight against the Indonesian state. However,  many people  know that the main character for DI is kartosoewirjo himself.   The figure of  a figure born and raised in  the  Java region almost  spent  his time pursuing a career in  West Java.


In fact, he himself is not from West Java, but originally a Central Javanese, who was born in Cepu.   The location of the area itself is between Bojonegoro and Blora. The figure, who  was born on February  7,  1905, received a dutch education  at  primary school and his first menegah.


In fact, according to his story, he also did not have much insight into the religion of Islam and the Arabic language. There was even a course to  enter  the  Dutch-Indies tabibab school in Surabaya.   It was in that area that  he H.  met.  Umar Said who  then  became chairman  of PSII.


The DI TII West Java movement itself was initially  a bad reaction  from Kartosoewirjo and his group about the rejection of the renville agreement.   Theagreement was concluded in consultation with Indonesia and the Netherlands.   This is what constitutes Darul Islam and  its members of the army, tii itself is.


Crackdown on insurgency in West Java TII                                   


As not a few people know, the event in TII West Java is  the largest event in the country and is remembered by almost everyone.  Even in some places, it supports the movement.  With the aim of being able to form a state that is in accordance with the Islamic religion.


Even the government of the Republic of Indonesia at the time also just declared its independence and fought again against the Dutch.  The government again encountered resistance from its own people.   This, of course,  causes  the government to strive for many things so that it can eradicate  the movement.  The goal is that negara can  also be  maintained.


In West Java, this crackdown began peacefully. Where Moh Natsir formed the committee.  But the method that was carried out , did not work.  After that, it was pursued again using another method, namely the use of military operations.  Kartosoewirjo was  finally  arrested in 1962 in the area of Mount Salak.


The operation also involved the community, so the movement of the MEMBERS of THE TII was limited. As for the punishment given is to die.   Indeed, the  action in TII West Java is not a few  casualties and becomes an  important event after independence that you need to know.

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