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The Gojek Driver Call Centre is indeed provided by the company to make drivers feel comfortable, because after all, the driver or more of the so-called online motorcycle taxis are one of the leading companies in the management of the company’s business. If the best service is not provided, the way passengers are served will also be broken.

On the other hand, it can make it easier for passengers to track where the driver is, so when you’re curious and waiting for a while, you can find out the exact location of ojol or online motorcycle taxis, so rush to get ready to pay for it immediately if you’re near the online motorcycle taxi driver.

The GoJack driver call center can also complain about all his complaints. Online cycle taxi drivers are often prevented from getting passengers even if the application is usually activated but it is in fact not just a crime of application, but because of what the driver himself does.

Error on behalf of the driver who does not want to implement or reject the incoming order. So the system will also choose not to give them a job or a job indirectly. This meal is reserved for online motorcycle taxi drivers, who immediately take the order and deliver it to passengers if they feel they have a job order.

This Gojk Driver Call Centre can also be used by online cycle taxi drivers to praise or warn customers and passengers about their track record and quality of performance, because they cannot be arbitrarily implemented. All systems, systems, should naturally be strict.


Call centers themselves have a variety of objects based on a variety of factors. As of now, the types of call centres can be discussed based on the coverage area of their operation. Whether they both have function when you receive a complaint or when the product is marketed outside the region and within the same area.

The domestic call centre is a type of call center based on the first coverage area. If only by name, you can assume that this call center only serves everything related to the domestic or domestic area. So you  can say that the GoJack Driver Call Centre is an example of this type of call center.

Then there’s what’s called an international call center service or more. This is done by a company to serve its customers in the international area or to market products. This is because its staff will need skills for international interaction and speaking in this position.

This analysis can conclude that, in order to serve and reassure consumers, companies must have these two types of call centres for truly broad market share. The GoJack Driver Call Centre is a testament to a company called GoJack to serve its loyal customers in the country or domestic area.


There are also other types of call centres based on the form of ownership. So, in the review, this call centre isn’t really just in a very short perspective. But in fact, they have roles and functions that are structured and structured in accordance with the company’s own SOPs.

The first type based on the owner is the in-house call centre. In this situation, the company has its own call centre, connecting with each other among members and working. Therefore, this type of work is an internal liaison of the company and is owned by the company itself. This is so that the GoJack Driver Call Centre is not made of this kind.

The second is outsourced call centres. For companies that generally want to reduce costs in using call center services, priority is given to using this type of call center service. Their call center staff will not be required to be given a special room. They will outsource the work of the call centre to the call centre service company.

However, the Gojack Driver Call Center is not included in the call center.   This outsourced call center is able to cut costs because the company will only pay for a service, which is provided by call centre service providers, so the company that pays for the service does not have to prepare something different about the call centre and does not have to pay employees.

Common driver ing

When you use the GoJack application, it means that all problems will be found not only in customers or passengers, but also in passengers. But the delivery service actor himself, such as the online motorcycle taxi driver, had various problems. These issues are complex, but the company itself can still handle them well.

The obstacle that online motorcycle taxi drivers themselves experience is the money deposited to their accounts without meeting the price amount when making payments. This may be because the system does not read the nominal amount correctly. This name is also a man-made system, and there  must sometimes be weaknesses so that gojack drivers of call centres can be  more profitable.

The second driver’s complaint is due to the failure to enter the nominal amount of payment from customers. It also sometimes occurs for drivers who do not match the nominal payment described earlier when checking the balance. That is why it is only natural for drivers to complain to the company.

These drivers’ barriers become a reference to GoJack in providing services other than customers and online motorcycle taxi drivers. The  presence  of the  GoJack Driver Call Center would then be a familiar friend in navigating the careers of online motorcycle taxi drivers leading the company.

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GoJack really prefers customer satisfaction over anything else in service. That is why for them, customers must  think  about their safety, satisfaction and confidence, because large companies are not because of their skills and are able to win their hearts in order to be loyal customers.

One of the best services the company provides to drivers is the GoJack Driver Call Centre, which is why it is very concerned about its customers as well as its partners in the form of its own online motorcycle taxi drivers, mainly the key to winning the hearts of its customers.

Customers and drivers responded very well and positively to the performance of GoJack employees in adapting to all aspects of field shortages. The obstacles could be communicated directly to the company’s internal parties and experimental for evaluation.

That’s why we hope the service will encourage drivers to deliver different orders. In addition, it is hoped that this will reduce the concerns of drivers. So if there’s a sudden field problem, the GoJack Driver Call Centre is there for that.

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