Also try the complaint service via email : Jagad

Use The WhatsApp  Call Center to Acula for customer  complaints

Akulaku, which is a financial services provider platform where quality has gone globally, will definitely provide an Akulaku call center   that customers can contact when they are facing problems or want to file various complaints | aim is to  connect Akula accurately and transparently with its customers at all times|

Opens up opportunities to Akula to be able to do online shopping activities using credit services| In fact, you can shop in instalments and even borrow cash which | very flexible So, Akulaku’s presence  here  aims to make the lives of its customers easier in carrying out various transactions|

Some of the benefits provided by  Akula include  purchase of credit, followed by purchase of internet quota and data packages, BPJS bills, PDAM and PLN payments and even purchase of air tickets | can be done on activity and purchase credit, and you can also make a loan.

Unfortunately, in the Akulakuru service, of course not all customers feel satisfied | for this reason, acula offers  call center  channels to  various akulas so that customers can freely interact with their party at any time | here are some ways in which customers can file complaints and queries through the call center|

Inform your complaint through customer service

One of the channels you can contact to submit questions  or receive information is  to contact  Akulakur Customer Service | you  can access this CS service without limitation, which is for 24 hours. Not only that, calls of no value can also be received.

If you want to contact the Akulaku staff  through this method,  you can contact  1500920 Akula through the call center  . Through this number, you can file various questions and complaints related to installments and  credits at Akulaku.  You can also report various other obstacles|

The manner in which complaints and queries of customers are filed are considered to be more effective through these call centres| Because in addition to the service that lasts for 24 hours, through this CS you will  directly connect Acula with employees  who are efficient and  will get the knowledge to help solve your problems quickly|

While this is not as easy as a live chat, the  call centre to Akula can provide clear and direct answers to customers so that customers do not have to be confused to find a solution to every obstacle they face | customers can ask questions indefinitely as long as it is under the complaint filing process|

Also try the complaint service via email

Apart from being able to file complaints and queries related to Akula through call centres, you can also do it through other platforms or media | one of the most commonly used media to file complaints is  through Akulaku’s official email | here, you can easily express what you want to convey.

The email address you’re going to is . This method is always the most common method of communicating| You can only “complain” or “question about the question…” An email needs to be generated with the subject as usual. And start filling in the body of email with things you want to convey to Akulaku  |

Unfortunately, if you want to use it as a medium to file a complaint or file a question then there are flaws in this channel.  Like  the  call center to Akula which tends to respond quickly, you  will take a long time to get a reply from the employees or employees of Akulaku through email|

This is because email is not a medium that is always opened compared to call centres, so there are chances that it will take a lot of time| Even if you’ve got a reply, usually the staff  will instruct you to the CS department or other social media to get a quick response|

WhatsApp as a complaint media yang easy dACWT

There is also another media that makes Akula much  simpler and  easier to use to ask calls and emails, such as questions and channel complaints other than WhatsApp| As a popular messaging medium, WhatsApp is definitely a friend to almost everyone in the world to exchange messages and information|

So, Aculaku will also be able to take advantage of the popularity of this media and connect more flexibly and freely with its customers | even if you use WhatsApp media, the messages you send  are not fully answered by  chatbots to Akula. Through the use of this method, you can  still  be in direct contact with The Akulakur staff. ‘

Like  using aculaku call center, you can freely express your various questions and complaints through this live chat through WhatsApp  |  All you have to do is send a chat with what you want to clearly state | don’t forget to include evidence of the complaint so that it can be processed immediately|

In filing complaints, make sure you use clear, concise, easy-to-understand language, and do not use unintelligible language. The clear language  will make it easier  for the akulaku employee to  understand the natural problems and immediately find the solution you need  | have the patience in waiting for the employee’s response to the akula|

The WhatsApp connection number that can be contacted is on the 081113508161 number|  In order to get answers from Akulaku’s side, you have to be patient as it takes some time | make sure you  ask questions using language that are easy for employees to understand.

Come agar clear directly to Akulaku’s office

The last option that can  be made if  you have a lot of important questions or complaints that you want to file is to go directly to The Akulaku’s office|   It’s free to use a call center or WhatsApp to Akula, but it takes time to respond to and find solutions to various issues|

If you want a quick and clear response, you can immediately come to the office and talk to the officials there. Unfortunately, this may sound a little inconvenient.  Office visits to Akula  can only be done for customers living in the Zabodetabek area, as the distance is still affordable|

Customers whose residence is far away from the area will definitely be difficult| One should not mention the more needed price. For this reason, it  is recommended that consumers take advantage of the media already provided by Akula so that  it will be easier to submit  your questions and complaints and problems.

You  can also take advantage of the help centre available in the  app to Akula | here, give any feedback you want  . The first step that needs to be done is  to find the feedback icon |  downloading the app  to Acula on your phone  and then logging in to the app, and you can submit feedback.

It’s much easier to be able to communicate with Akulaku even if you haven’t gone  directly to Akulaku’s office | with the development of technology, everything can be done online or by phone| Although there are no different channels now other than WhatsApp, Akulaku can still accommodate the needs of customers in need of solutions|

If you  want to contact Akula,  all you need to do is make a choice whether to use the call center, via live chat on WhatsApp, or via an official email. You can  try, depending on  your comfort  , including the Aculaku Call Center  which is very effective.

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