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Advantages of using sony mobile service center  for you

There are a lot of Sony smartphone users  in Indonesia,  so Sony mobile service centers are increasing in different regions.  Because every smartphone app will definitely experience a problem. So sony service center is the perfect choice to repair.

With various new variants, Sony is able to offer not only sophisticated smartphones, but also beautiful and aesthetic smartphones. Various great features are offered, the benefits of the camera are very important in all other aspects .

The reason is that Sony is a phone with the most efficient camera on other smartphones.  The sharp resolution of the front camera or the rear camera can be very helpful for those who have the hobby of photography, but don’t want to bring  the camera to Man A-Mana.

Just like  other gadgets are more vulnerable to damage,  this  catakED introduced by Sony is  a ED.  Therefore, the existence of a service center is required, what else is the official service center.   The Sony Mobile Service Center was initially very difficult to find in Indonesia.

This  has caused confusion among many Sony users when their phones are damaged. He finally decided to repair his phone at an unofficial service center. In fact, the risk by repairing it at an unofficial location is very high because there is no guarantee.

By repairing the official service center, you will receive various benefits. The following are the benefits you can get while repairing your phone at the official service center.

Corrected by experts

Sony Mobile Service Center offers experts to work as technicians who will serve you. These professionals will typically receive special training first so that they understand the details of each of the components of the smartphone.

This will of course have an impact on the services offered, and they will be able to repair each damage to the maximum. In addition, the processing time will be less as the technician’s understanding of fixing it increases.

That way you can quietly hand over the phone to the service center and get satisfied with the service. In addition, Sony will definitely gain a lot of trust from consumers. Therefore, they will be loyal to using Sony brand phones.

Safe smartphone repair

By handing over your  damaged  Sony smartphone to  the Sony Mobile Service Center, you can be sure that the smartphone is safe because the officer handling your phone will repair the damage as much as possible.

They’ll carefully fix each of the components with its Pe and Getahon. If the damage to your phone is actually severe, they’ll tell you.

Unlike unofficial service locations, lack of sufficient knowledge can force you to repair your phone and are likely to cause very serious damage. In fact, you will be forced to pay a higher price for the service charge.

This will definitely do you very harm. This is because your smartphone isn’t fixed properly, but you’re forced to pay a higher price . That’s the reason why the smartphone you own should only be fixed at the official service center.

Elements that are officially used

At the official service center , the damaged components of your smartphone will be replaced by the official components because Sony will provide every part of its smartphone to every service center around the world.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your smartphone components are no longer original. In addition, the components used match the specifications of your phone. This will certainly not cause very serious damage in the future and will guarantee the safety of your phone.

Once the repair of your phone at Sony Mobile Service Center is completed, your phone will look like it’s new. Performance will not change when you buy for the first time. This is the highest advantage of the official service center service.

Clear service prices at all outlets

In contrast to unofficial service center locations, ambiguous prices are set and are rarely expensive.   The Sony Mobile Service Center already has stable prices for all its services and of course this price will be the same at all the official outlets.

With this, of course, you don’t have to worry if the price package is unfair. Although some service centers do not officially offer very cheap prices, you should not be tempted to do so.

The reason is that the components used to fix your phone are not original and may seem fake. This can actually worsen the condition of your phone and put you at a loss even more.

Address Sony Mobile Service Center

For those of you who live in West Java and still do not know the address of the  Sony Service Center in your city  , we will provide you with a list of addresses for you.

  1. Bandung

For the residents of Bandung, you can easily find Sony’s officialServiCE center. Because, there are two places you can visit, namely Jl. Naripan 109 Bandung 40112, you  can contact them first (022) by 4264455 phone.


In addition to there, you  can also visit Trikomsel, which is within the UG floor F21-22 of the Bandung Electronic Center (BEC).


  1. Bogor

Sony smartphone users in the Bogor area definitely don’t have to worry about finding the official service center. The reason being, sony mobile service centres can be found in two popular malls in this rainy city.


First of all, you  can visit The Bodoni Square Bogor GF-20/21, which is Bajajaran No. 3 Paranangsiang, Bogor.  You can contact in advance to know the availability of services and schedules via phone (0251)84007771-9.


You can also visit The Ruko Warung Jambu Blok R-1 in the Jl. Of Bogor.  At Ruko Varang Jambu, which is very popular for its complete service center from models of various brands and mobile phones. You can also contact by phone to confirm the timetable, call 8340653 (0251).


  1. Begazi

BEkasi is no less than the previous city, and this very dense and busy city certainly  has a Sony service center on the 1st floor of Mega Pegasi NP 292-293.  Jent Ahmad Yani telephone (  021) is the full address of the 88962768 88962826 and fax (021).


  1. Balkirk

In  this city, which is  famous for its industrial area,  Jesutru is  very  surprised  if there is no Sony service center. The city’s progress is so remarkable that it makes It  a strategic place for Sony to develop the gun to improve its brand.


If you want to repair  your damaged Sony smartphone, you  can visit  J.L. Duberev Raya No.359 Karawang and you can also confirm the same by calling 8454421 first (0267).


  1. Sukhabhumi

In Sugabumi,  there is a service center for  your Sony smartphone.  The address is Ahmet Yani Number 51 in Sugabumi, phone number (0266) 243305.

Having a Sony Service Center will definitely be very helpful for you to deal with issues that can cause damage to your smartphone. In addition to the reliable service, you can also feel safe to fix your phone. From components to capabilities when repairing a mobile phone, it will be very different from the normal service.  Soyou need  to choose  the official and quality Sony Mobile Service Center.

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